May 23, 2022 / Well-Being

Supporting Medical Professionals Through Clinician Burnout

May is National Nursing Month. The awareness event is trying to shine a light on the stressful challenges nurses...

Flowers with mother's day card
May 8, 2022 / Well-Being

Mother's Day Kicks Off National Women's Health Week

Each year, Mother's Day kicks off National Women's Health Week. It's an awareness event that encourages...

Two people holding hands
May 2, 2022 / Well-Being, Health Conditions

May is Mental Health Month

Mental illness impacts millions of adults each year. The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) works to shine a light on mental health...

Father and son exercising
Apr. 25, 2022 / Well-Being

Teaching Kids Healthy Habits

When kids are taught healthy habits at a young age, they are more apt to carry on those habits as adults. The basics of good nutrition, regular exercise...

Two men in conversation
Apr. 14, 2022 / Well-Being, Health Conditions

Identify Signs of Stress and How to Self-Care

Stress is a normal part of life, and no one is immune to its effects. That's why Stress Awareness Month...

Illustration of hands of different colors
Apr. 11, 2022 / Well-Being

Minority Health Is the Focus in April

National Minority Health Month is celebrated in April. The awareness event is designed to educate people about the disproportionate burden....

Occupational therapist works with a woman
Apr. 7, 2022 / Well-Being

Recognizing Occupational Therapy Month in April

Occupational Therapy Month recognizes and celebrates the holistic approach that Occupational Therapy (OT) brings....

Woman with runny nose
Mar. 30, 2022 / Health Conditions, Well-Being

Is it COVID-19 or Just Allergies?

There it is! The tickle in your throat that leads quickly to a sneeze. You wake up the next day with a scratchy throat and a slight cough. Your nose runs a little...

Group of people exercising
Mar. 24, 2022 / Well-Being

Staying Fit and Healthy in Spring

Spring ushers in warmer temperatures, plants blooming, and days get longer. That is why it is the perfect time for an exercise refresh that will boost...

Woman's arm with bandaids
Mar. 17, 2022 / Health Conditions, Well-Being

There's Still Good Reason to Get Vaccinated

Two years down and COVID-19 still affects all our lives. Variants like Delta and Omicron heighten the stress associated with the unknowns that COVID-19...

Healthy Foods
Mar. 1, 2022 / Well-Being

March is National Nutrition Month

National Nutrition Month® is celebrated every year during March to dedicate ourselves to healthy eating habits. The goal of the month is to educate...

A woman and her pharmacist comparing prescription drug prices at the pharmacy.
Feb. 28, 2022 / Well-Being

Prescription Drug Prices Continue to Increase in 2022

Consumers are coping with the increased price of 810 prescription drugs during the first month of 2022. Becker’s Hospital Review reports...