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What is OptionRx?

OptionRx is a free service that allows you to compare prices for your medications and access the best price for those medications. You can save up to 80% on prescription medications across 65,000 pharmacies, including every major retail pharmacy with our free cash savings discount coupons. OptionRx is ALWAYS free and can be used whether you have insurance or not.

Do OptionRx prices ever change?

Our discounted savings prices can occasionally change over time so always check with your pharmacist to ensure you are getting the best pricing.

I can't find my pharmacy; can I still use OptionRx?

OptionRx works to provide you with the best options for your medication, however your current pharmacy might not be tied to the lowest cash discount available in your area. Contact us to add your preferred pharmacy.

Do I need a prescription to use OptionRx?

Yes, you need a valid prescription from your healthcare provider in order to use OptionRx.

How do I use OptionRx?

Simply search and select the savings coupon at the pharmacy of your choice. You can print the coupon or save it on your phone via email or text. Bring the coupon with you to the pharmacy when you pick up your prescription.

Is OptionRx Free?

Yes, the OptionRx prescription savings coupons are always free.

Will OptionRx work at my pharmacy?

OptionRx will work at 65,000 pharmacies nationwide including every major retail pharmacy along with independent pharmacies in your community.

Does OptionRx protect my privacy?

Yes, your privacy is always protected. We do not collect or sell any personal information and ensure the protection of data for our users. View our privacy policy.

How does OptionRx work with pharmacies?

OptionRx negotiates with pharmacies to obtain discounted prices that we pass on to you for free.

Does OptionRx work outside the United States?

No, OptionRx can only be used in U.S. pharmacies.

How do I use OptionRx on refills?

You can ask your pharmacist to keep the OptionRx prescription savings coupon on file for future refills.

How are my prescriptions discounted?

OptionRx negotiates lower rates with pharmacies and drug manufacturers to deliver savings and lower prices to you.

Which type of medications are covered?

OptionRx covers both generic and brand medications but is not available for over-the-counter drugs that do not require a prescription from your doctor.

How do I transfer a prescription to a new pharmacy?

If you find a lower OptionRx price for a different pharmacy, you can transfer your prescription from your current pharmacy to the new pharmacy by following these steps:

  1. Call the new pharmacy.
  2. Tell them you want a prescription transferred from another pharmacy.
  3. They will ask for a few details regarding your name, date of birth, and current prescription info.
  4. Once the new pharmacy has that info, they will be able to obtain the prescription from the previous pharmacy and tell you when it has transferred.
Will OptionRx save me money over my insurance?

OptionRx will often beat the costs of insurance copays, especially with insurance plans with deductibles.

Is OptionRx insurance?

No, OptionRx is not insurance but can be used even if you have insurance to obtain a lower price than your out-of-pocket insurance cost.

Can I use OptionRx if I have insurance?

Yes! OptionRx is used to obtain a discount savings price lower than insurance copay or out-of-pocket cost. OptionRx can be used instead of insurance but cannot be combined with your insurance. If you have insurance, always ask your pharmacist to compare your insurance copay with the OptionRx before obtaining your prescriptions.

How do I use an OptionRx coupon?

You can show the OptionRx savings coupon on your phone to the pharmacist or print the coupon and show it at the pick-up counter.

What if my pharmacy doesn’t accept my prescription savings coupon?

Even though OptionRx is honored at over 65,000 pharmacies, we are not quite available at every pharmacy. If you would like to suggest a pharmacy, contact us.

How do I get a prescription savings coupon?

Requesting a free OptionRx Prescription Savings Coupon is easy and fast! All you need to do is select the prescription coupon for the pharmacy of your choice then print it or save it on your phone via email or text.

What is a prescription savings coupon?

The Prescription Savings Coupon is a free, printed coupon you can use to save on medications at nearby pharmacies.

Do I need to have my coupon with me to get the discount?

Yes, if you are using your coupon for the first time, please bring it with you to the pharmacy.

Are prescription savings coupons free?

Yes! The OptionRx prescription savings coupon is 100% free and easy to use.

Do OptionRx coupons expire?

While OptionRx coupons don't expire, prescription prices may change, even on a daily basis.

What if my pharmacy doesn’t accept my OptionRx coupon?

Always ask your pharmacist for help obtaining the best price or you can fill your prescription at one of the 65,000 pharmacies where OptionRx is honored. Use our website to find the best price at a pharmacy close by. We are always growing our pharmacy network so contact us to add your preferred pharmacy.

Which pharmacies accept OptionRx coupons?

OptionRx coupons are accepted at nearly every retail pharmacy.

Can I use OptionRx for my whole family?

Yes, OptionRx can be used for prescriptions for anyone in your family.

Can I share my coupon or prescription savings coupon with friends or family?

Yes, you can share OptionRx with your family member to help them save on their medications. We also encourage you to share our website with them so they can sign up to receive valuable news and information.

Can I use OptionRx for pet medications?

Yes, OptionRx has discounted prices on many medications prescribed by veterinarians. As long as your pet’s medication is available at the pharmacy, OptionRx cash savings coupons can be used to save you money on the prescription.

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