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As patients ourselves, we knew there had to be a better way to get prescription information and pharmacy price and availability options in one place. That's why we developed OptionRx. 

Digital transformations are happening everywhere, but the Rx experience has remained relatively the same as it was decades ago. It was time for a change. Our team of healthcare solution professionals wanted an easier way to price shop and make the best choice for our own prescriptions. That's especially necessary in times of sickness or in this climate of COVID where shopping around can be difficult.

We bring the most important Rx information directly to your fingertips. You have options. Know them with OptionRx.

Our Company

Our team at TroyRx recognizes a growing need in the healthcare industry to enhance patient engagement by providing medication education, price transparency, and affordability options. By sharing these resources at the point of care, we empower providers with printed and digital materials to facilitate prescription option conversations with you, the patient.

Providers and patients inspire our team to improve healthcare by creating the optimal prescription experience for providers and patients. It’s been that way since 2008 when we released healthcare’s first CMS compliant, plain paper prescription printing product for situations where patients choose a paper script.


Resources for Professionals

OptionRx is a patient-centric solution by TroyRx delivering true-price transparency, informing patients of the most affordable options for their prescriptions. Powered through connections with PBMs, pharmacies, medication databases, and drug manufacturers, OptionRx utilizes the prescriber’s existing clinical workflow to bring the information most important to patients directly into their fingertips at the point of prescribing. 

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