senior man having pain in his hand
May 26, 2022 / Health Conditions

Arthritis Awareness Month

Everyday Health reports more than 54 million people have arthritis in the United States. Included in that stat are conditions are a long list of health issues...

medical image of cerebral artery in the brain
May 18, 2022 / Health Conditions

American Stroke Awareness Month

American Stroke Awareness Month kicks off in May to increase public awareness about the warning signs of stroke. The event also aims to educate people...

Two people holding hands
May 2, 2022 / Well-Being, Health Conditions

May is Mental Health Month

Mental illness impacts millions of adults each year. The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) works to shine a light on mental health...

Corona Virus covid-19 illustration
Apr. 28, 2022 / Health Conditions

What is Long Covid? A Guide to Symptoms and How to Cope

"It's the worst fatigue of your life," explained Linda Tomkow, a patient of Northwestern Medicine who battled ongoing covid-19 symptoms...

Illustration of Intestines on Blackboard
Apr. 18, 2022 / Health Conditions

April is IBS Awareness Month

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) may be a sensitive topic for some, but it is a more common disorder than many realize. In fact, almost about 10 to 15% of people experience it....

Two men in conversation
Apr. 14, 2022 / Well-Being, Health Conditions

Identify Signs of Stress and How to Self-Care

Stress is a normal part of life, and no one is immune to its effects. That's why Stress Awareness Month in April....

Woman with runny nose
Mar. 30, 2022 / Health Conditions, Well-Being

Is it COVID-19 or Just Allergies?

There it is! The tickle in your throat that leads quickly to a sneeze. You wake up the next day with a scratchy throat and a slight cough. Your nose runs a little...

Kidney illustration
Mar. 21, 2022 / Health Conditions

Raising Kidney Cancer Awareness in March

March is Kidney Cancer Awareness Month. While there are multiple ways to get involved, the best way to raise awareness is to learn more about this type...

Woman's arm with bandaids
Mar. 17, 2022 / Health Conditions, Well-Being

There's Still Good Reason to Get Vaccinated

Two years down and COVID-19 still affects all our lives. Variants like Delta and Omicron heighten the stress associated with the unknowns that COVID-19...

Hospital Staff greeting
Mar. 13, 2022 / Health Conditions

Ensuring Your Safety as a Patient

This month, the Institute for Healthcare Improvement and Center for Patient Safety will team up to celebrate Patient Safety Awareness Week from March 13-19...

Patient and doctor talking
Mar. 10, 2022 / Health Conditions

Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

March is dedicated to National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. The month offers everyone a chance to learn more about the diseases of the colon...

Healthy Foods
Mar. 7, 2022 / Health Conditions

Living with Seasonal Allergy Symptoms

As soon as the temperatures rebound from winter’s freeze, signs of spring start showing. Some people might equate the season with new green sprouts...