Mar 24, 2022

Staying Fit and Healthy in Spring

Spring ushers in warmer temperatures, plants blooming, and days get longer. That is why it is the perfect time for an exercise refresh that will boost your motivation to stay fit.

Ways to Stay Fit This Spring

Find your why. Finding motivation is the first step when it comes to putting your physical fitness first. If you can identify why you are committing to being healthy, you can tap into that reason if your motivation waives during a weak moment. Remember being fit does not always mean losing weight. You might want to have more energy, be stronger, or just feel more confident about achieving your goals.

Be active. Working out is just one way to be active. Activity can be incorporated into everyday tasks or jobs. For example, spring cleaning can provide a great opportunity to burn calories, tone muscles, and stretch. Just remember to do the movements correctly. Pay specific attention to the proper ways to lift heavy items.

Eat real food. Focusing on counting calories and carbs can wear out a person's drive and motivation to get fit. You might need to change your mindset to reset your routine. Think about the ways you can "fuel" your body with real food with little or no processing. We are talking about eating nutritious foods with as few ingredients as possible. Fresh fruits and vegetables are a good start. Whole grains and lean meats help. New recipes that are healthy and delicious will leave you refreshed and motivated to keep living a healthy lifestyle.

Hydrate. It is a simple step that is vital in keeping your body healthy. Proper hydration allows your body to digest food better. It also prepares our bodies for upcoming workouts and activity. You will see a boost in your energy level if you drink enough water. Plus, your skin will look nourished. Keep a water bottle handy throughout the day as a constant reminder to keep staying hydrated.

Why Spring Marks the Perfect Time to Take Your Workout Outside

People who exercise outside typically work harder. They work out for longer amounts of time at a higher intensity. “Nothing makes you feel more childlike than being outdoors,” says Dr. Pamela Peeke, a fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine and author of Fit to Live, explained to TIME Magazine. “You're modulating stress hormones, increasing endorphins and increasing the secretion of serotonin." All of that brightens your mood.

Being outside is good for your physical health, mental health, and financial health. So, when you top all those good vibes with exercise, the efforts are even more impactful. Peeke says, "Nature becomes a major distraction from all the stresses of life." It can reduce feelings of stress which help lower your blood pressure. The calming properties may improve other areas of mental health as well. The increased fitness and healthy living help you save on costs associated with health maintenance. Plus, you can ditch the gym membership if you opt to enjoy your exercise outdoors.

Best Activities to Incorporate in Your Fitness Routine This Spring

The best activities to incorporate into your fitness routine this spring are ones that allow you to explore and enjoy the fresh air. Grab a friend and experience an activity that may turn into a new favorite for both of you.

Ride a bicycle. Now's the right time to dust off your bike and helmet and hit the road. A ride through your neighborhood or in a new part of town can open you up to an opportunity to explore. It is easy on your joints while giving your heart the right amount of work to stay healthy. You pick the intensity of this aerobic exercise.

Take a hike. Usually, hiking implies incorporating some inclines into your path, but do not let the lack of mountains or hills stop you! Just simply walk. Walking is one of the best low-impact, effective exercises you can do to help improve your fitness. Being one with nature can also provide an effective way to clear your mind and press the reset button on your stress level.

Plan a picnic. It is the best way to spend quality time with loved ones. Pick a picnic spot that is at least a 15-to-20-minute walk. Make sure you pack healthy treats to eat. You will want to incorporate lean meats, whole grains, and an assortment of fruits and vegetables. The more colors the better!

Plant a garden. Gardening can be therapeutic, and even strenuous since it involves constant moving, pulling, twisting, turning, and using your entire body to get the job done. Plus, continuous upkeep requires an ongoing dedication to stay committed to this activity. The best part of this activity is reaping the bountiful fruits and vegetables as a reward for all your hard work.

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