Apr 4, 2022

Celebrate Canine Fitness Month This April

Man's best friend gets all the attention in April for National Canine Fitness Month. Founded by FitPaws, the awareness month gained official recognition status by the Registrar at National Day Calendar in 2017.

Canine Fitness Month brings awareness to the growing and preventable problem of canine obesity. Much like their human owners, our furry friends are getting less activity compared to past decades. Living a sedentary lifestyle can lead to weight gain which may cause other problems such as heart issues, sore joints, and canine diabetes. Consequently, organizers of this awareness event want dogs and their owners to get moving. By leading more active lives, dogs and their owners can be healthier and happier.

Why Should I Get My Dog Exercising?

Just like humans, dogs benefit immensely from regular exercise and healthy diets. For example, increased activity can help prevent diabetes, cancer, and other diseases in your dog. There is less stress and pressure on joints if you can keep your dog's weight in check. A holistic exercise routine helps our dogs be healthier, physically, emotionally, and mentally. By extension, the human owners are happier too.

The key to a more active lifestyles starts with getting your furry best friend outside. Playing and engaging can be a game changer in helping your dog's health. Plus, the bonding you will do with each other is priceless. Choosing the right combination of exercises will be different for each dog. You must evaluate your dog's age and abilities before setting goals. If necessary, see your veterinarian to make sure your dog can handle new activities.

Many pups suffer from hind legs that are too weak. Walking is a simple and easy was to strengthen those muscles. Varying the length of the walk is a good way to add a challenge for your canine companion. Swimming or stretching together can also help increase strength in the hind legs.

Exercise routines do not need to be elaborate either. Pet owners can something as simple as playing a game of fetch, or they can have some fun with it and build obstacle courses for their dogs! These kind of fitness goals along with a healthy diet can go a long way to improving our canine friend's quality of life.

Start a Dedicated Fitness Routine

Consistency is helpful. A dedicated routine allows you and pup to look forward to your time together. Activities can be low impact such as walking. Remember to let your dog sniff around and engage with their environment. Use the time to work on leash manners.

Tossing a ball inside or outside can be very helpful in allowing your dog the chance to get rid of extra energy. Extended games of fetch are great for rainy days or if you don't have a place to walk. Twenty minutes of fetch can get the same reward as a twenty-minute walk.

Pay Attention to Diet and Treats

Just like humans, it's important to fuel your pup's body with nutritious food. Work with your vet to figure out what your dog needs. A balanced diet is best, along with homemade treats or fruits and vegetables to satisfy a dog's sweet tooth.

Getting your dog into a healthy routine may seem challenging at first, but in reality it just takes a few easy steps to build a healthier lifestyle for your pet!

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