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Drug Info for glyxambi

Empagliflozin is used along with diet and exercise, and sometimes with other medications, to lower blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes (condition in which blood sugar is too high because the body does not produce or use insulin normally). Empagliflozin is also used to reduce the risk of stroke, heart attack, or death in people who have type 2 diabetes along with heart and blood vessel disease. Empagliflozin is also used in adults with heart failure to reduce the risk of needing to be hospitalized and death due to heart and blood vessel disease. Empagliflozin is in a class of medications called sodium-glucose co-transporter 2 (SGLT2) inhibitors. It lowers blood sugar by causing the kidneys to get rid of more glucose in the urine. Empagliflozin is not used to treat type 1 diabetes (condition in which the body does not produce insulin and, therefore, cannot control the amount of sugar in the blood) or diabetic ketoacidosis (a serious condition that may develop if high blood sugar is not treated). Over time, people who have diabetes and high blood sugar can develop serious or life-threatening complications, including heart disease, stroke, kidney problems, nerve damage, and eye problems. Taking medication(s), making lifestyle changes (e.g., diet, exercise, quitting smoking), and regularly checking your blood sugar may help to manage your diabetes and improve your health. This therapy may also decrease your chances of having a heart attack, stroke, or other diabetes-related complications such as kidney failure, nerve damage (numb, cold legs or feet; decreased sexual ability in men and women), eye problems, including changes or loss of vision, or gum disease. Your doctor and other healthcare providers will talk to you about the best way to manage your diabetes.

Glyxambi is an antidiabetic, oral tablet that treats type 2 diabetes. There is not a Glyxambi generic drug currently available on the market. The average Glyxambi cost for a supply of 30 tablets (25 mg/5 mg) averages $632. An easy way to reduce the Glyxambi price is to use our free OptionRx discount card.

Take your medicine as directed. Your dose may need to be changed several times to find what works best for you. This medicine is usually taken in the morning.

This medicine should come with a Medication Guide. Ask your pharmacist for a copy if you do not have one.

Missed dose: Take a dose as soon as you remember. If it is almost time for your next dose, wait until then and take a regular dose. Do not take extra medicine to make up for a missed dose.

Store the medicine in a closed container at room temperature, away from heat, moisture, and direct light.

This medicine is not right for everyone. Do not use it if you had an allergic reaction to empagliflozin or linagliptin, or if you have severe kidney disease (including patients receiving dialysis).

Keep all medicine out of the reach of children. Never share your medicine with anyone.

Tell your doctor if you are pregnant. Do not use this medicine during the second and third part of your pregnancy, unless your doctor tells you to.

Do not breastfeed during treatment with this medicine.

Tell your doctor if you have kidney disease, a history of pancreas problems, heart failure, or urinary tract or genital yeast infections. Tell your doctor if you drink alcohol, if you are on a low-salt diet, or if you are having a surgery or other procedures.

This medicine may cause the following problems:Pancreatitis (swelling of the pancreas)Heart failureLow blood pressureKetoacidosis (high ketones and acid in the blood), which can be life-threateningKidney problemsLow blood sugar, when used with other diabetes medicinesIncreased risk of genital yeast or urinary tract infectionsFournier's gangrene (skin or tissue damage of the area between the anus and genitals)Serious skin reactions

This medicine may cause some patients to become dehydrated. Drink plenty of water every day, during exercise, or in hot weather.

Tell any doctor or dentist who treats you that you are using this medicine. This medicine may affect certain medical test results.

Your doctor will do lab tests at regular visits to check on the effects of this medicine. Keep all appointments.

Some medicines can affect how empagliflozin/linagliptin works. Tell your doctor if you are using any of the following:Lithium, rifampinBlood pressure medicineDiuretic (water pill)Insulin or other diabetes medicineNSAID pain or arthritis medicine (including aspirin, celecoxib, diclofenac, ibuprofen, naproxen)

Limit the amount of alcohol you drink.

Tell any doctor or dentist who treats you that you are using this medicine. This medicine may affect certain medical test results. This medicine may affect the results of urine glucose tests.

Your doctor will do lab tests at regular visits to check on the effects of this medicine. Keep all appointments.

Keep all medicine out of the reach of children. Never share your medicine with anyone.

  • Pain, tenderness, redness, or swelling of the area between the anus and genitals, fever, unusual tiredness or weakness
  • Severe joint pain
  • Increased hunger, headache, confusion, shaking, trembling, sweating
  • Large, hard skin blisters
  • Allergic reaction: Itching or hives, swelling in your face or hands, swelling or tingling in your mouth or throat, chest tightness, trouble breathing
  • Change in how much or how often you urinate, bloody urine, painful or difficult urination, lower back or side pain, chills
  • Sudden or severe stomach pain, nausea, vomiting
  • Fast or trouble breathing, cold sweat, bluish-colored skin
  • Lightheadedness, dizziness, fainting
  • Rapid weight gain, swelling in your hands, ankles, or feet
  • Redness, itching, pain, or swelling of the penis, bad-smelling discharge from the penis
  • Cough, stuffy or runny nose, sore throat
  • White or yellowish vaginal discharge, vaginal itching or odor
Frequently Asked Questions

Glyxambi helps control type 2 diabetes by managing blood sugar levels. It is a combination of two medications called empagliflozin and linagliptin which work together to expel excess glucose through urination. This medication should not be used for those who have type 1 diabetes and, for best results, use Glyxambi with proper diet and exercise.

While there are other drugs available on the market that also work to treat type 2 diabetes, there are not currently any drugs similar to Glyxambi available in the U.S. Contact your doctor for more information on this drug and alternative drugs available to determine the best treatment for you.

The cost for Glyxambi oral tablets (10 mg-5 mg) is very expensive and averages $632 for a supply of 90 tablets. The Glyxambi price will vary depending on your required dosage, the pharmacy you visit, and your insurance.

A generic version of this drug is not currently available. You can use our free Glyxambi discount card to reduce the cost of this drug by up to 80% when you purchase this medication at a participating local pharmacy.

Glyxambi tablets are available in the following strengths: (25 mg-5 mg) and (10 mg-5mg). Follow your doctor's instructions for dosage and use of this medication.

There are several programs available for saving on Glyxambi. The manufacturers offer the Glyxambi Savings Card for savings up to $538 per prescription. In addition, Boehringer Ingelheim Cares Foundation Patient Assistance Program offers assistance to uninsured patients. Contact these programs directly for more information. You can also use OptionRx’s Glyxambi discount card. Our OptionRx coupon card is free and easy to use, and customers usually find they save the most on medications using our coupon.