Oct 25, 2022

Do free prescription discount cards work?

Yes. Free prescription discount cards work alongside your existing benefits package or as supplement to prescription drug coverage.

The premise of a free prescription discount card is simple – they are a stand-alone prescription drug coverage plan (alternative to insurance) providing a percentage (most commonly up to 80%) off and resources on most generic and branded medications.

A free prescription discount card, like OptionRx, also gives patients important information about their prescriptions all while searching pharmacy and drug manufacturer databases to locate the best cost.

A free prescription discount card offers brand and generic medication savings for patients who may:

  • Lack insurance
  • Have inadequate prescription coverage
  • Have not yet met their prescription deductible, and/or
  • Have pets that take medications

So how does it work?

How do prescription discount cards work?

Prescription discount cards work just like any membership card or coupon would.

Some providers require a lengthy sign-up process (and monthly fee to join) just so they can gather your information and Protected Health Information (PHI) to sell to a third party.

Others simply allow you to locate your prescription and present a coupon to your pharmacist without ever so much as a record capture, let alone sale, of your protected data.

Drug manufacturers share revenue with prescription discount card networks for each processed claim, which keeps operating costs low and card services free for patients.

Free prescription discount cards are a win, win for everyone involved. Take our free offering, OptionRx, for example.

Patients visit a database with generic and branded medications, resources, and pharmacy or mail order programs with the cheapest option for getting prescription(s) filled.

With OptionRx, we:

  • Encourage you to search your prescription medication(s) through a database of over 100,000 generic and branded medications. or
  • Through our approved healthcare provider partners, allow SMS text messages to send this information to your smart phones or mobile devices for a seamless experience.

Both options listed ultimately lead you to access discounts of up to 80% in savings on your prescribed medication(s).

In a recent trial, OptionRx came back less expensive on 70% of the top fifty prescribed medications compared to GoodRx.


With roughly 9.7% of the American Population without insurance plus the rising cost for those that do, it’s never been a better time to demand a push for full hospital price transparency.

Free prescription discount cards are becoming the standard and are available regardless of the situation.

Visit OptionRx.com and see if your prescription is available for a better price.

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